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The Company

When founded in 1992 by Luca Mattei as “SMI Tessuti a Maglia S.r.l.” as part of the Filatura Nivale Group (manufacturer of carded yarns for knitting and weaving, founded in 1962 by Bruno Mattei), the company had the goal to focus on the production of knit fabrics for women’s ready-to-wear clothing. In 2001, after almost 10 years of continuous growth that placed the company among the leading manufacturers of knit fabrics in the district of Prato, it was transformed into a joint-stock company. In December 2001 the company’s name changed to “SMI Tessuti S.p.A.”.

Over the years, besides to the main collection of knit fabrics, a new one named Euthalia by SMI was developed, which has widened SMI Tessuti’s production range introducing woven fabrics and fur.
From the beginning of 2012, due to the growth of the production and the number of employees, the company decided to move to the new headquarters in via Guimaraes (Prato). During 2020 SMI, to confirm its propensity to ethical and sustainable production, obtained  the Global Recycled Standard GRS certification (certification # 2020-058).



Quality is intended not merely in the technical aspects of the product, but also as the quality of all the offered services: continuous dialogue with customers, high level of professionalism and expertise, a flexible production allowing us to meet the most diverse technical requests. A constant Research, which means a team of fashion trends forecasting experts working together with a technical innovations team, in order to keep pace with the fashion market.


We think that sustainability is no longer a buzzword, but an expected standard.

We do think that a reduced use of energy, material and water, plus the idea of recycling in all the parts of our textile process it’s what our planet need, in order to minimize the ecological damage.

One of our priorities is the rise of the eco-efficiency, and our business has been always sensitive to respect for the environment and the needs of the world that surround it. We are proud of our business policy based on the defense of the territory and of the ecosystem.

In 2011, we obtained a state of the art photovoltaic system and technologies that make SMI Tessuti energetic autonomous,
that reduces our environmental impact.

In 2020 we have achieved the Global Recycled Standard GRS certification (certification # 2020-058) for ethical and sustainable production.


Our utopia is to forecast next fashion trends in our collections.
To achieve this goal, a team of researchers and technicians dedicates its daily work to study the market, the latest trends and all aspects that could influence Fashion.

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